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Welcome to the  Western Civic Amenity Site Board website.

We hope that the information you will read on the site will be beneficial and encourage you to recycle more on our Island

Western Civic Amenity Site

The site has had similar opening hours since it opened.

The site only closes on certain Bank Holidays, mainly New Years Day, Senior Race Day, Tynwald Day, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.

The site goes to great lengths to increase recycling and re-use at the site, and in doing so, save the rate payers in our area money. Please sort your waste before coming to the site, if it can be recycled or reused, there will be a place for it at the site, but do not just throw it in the EfW skip.

​​Each month the site publishes, on a large sign near the site exit, the previous months Recycle & Reuse amounts as weight and a percentage of the total weight processed at the site.

The site will be able to take Fridges, Freezers, TV's, Monitors & Laptops from 14th July as per the prices above

The site only charges for certain individual items, these are:

TV's, Monitors, Laptops, Fridges & Freezers and oil tanks.

​Most charges are set by a Government Contract and are the same at all the Island's Amenity Sites.

Western Civic Amenity Site Board - Press Release 12th April 2024
Following the unfortunate set of circumstance that necessitated the press release from the Northern Civic Amenity Site Committee on11th April 2024, the Western Civic Amenity Site Board (WCAS Board) wish to clarify that the Western Civic Amenity Site is fully funded  by domestic ratepayers / residents who live in the Western Area Parishes of Michael, Peel, German, Patrick & Marown and as such the services provided at the Site are limited to those residents that fund it and no one else.
As with all similar bodies, e.g. other Amenity Sites & Local Authorities, the impact of ever increasing charges and costs, primarily the cost of disposal of waste through the Energy From Waste / Incinerator facility, presents serious financial challenges to maintain the appropriate service levels to the people who provide our funding and as such we are unable to allow residents who do not fall within our catchment to dispose of domestic waste in our facility.
The WCAS Board do not make this statement lightly, but we have to protect the interests of our stakeholders particularly given the potential high impact of other Local Authority residents all believing that they can use the Western Civic Amenity Site, which they cannot.
At this time the WCAS Board is not aware of the intentions of the Bride Commissioners / NCAS but we sincerely hope that there will be a swift resolution to the situation that will benefit all concerned. Our hope is that Bride Commissioners and Bride residents will respect our situation and not use the WCAS site.
In the meantime, the WCAS team will be monitoring the situation at the WCAS Site and we will put appropriate measures in place if required.
Western Civic Amenity Site Board​​​​

STORM KATHLEEN - during high winds the site may need to close for safety reasons.

The Site has, in conjunction with Rotary Club of Douglas, extended its supply of a hot compost bin to a further 20 primary schools throughout the Island, this now means 26 schools are involved, to help with their learning and Biosphere studies, this link gives more details: or click the Biosphere News Button

The site has a new collaboration with Douglas Rotary Club for collecting disability aids, please go to NEWS page for information

The site will be closed on the following Bank Holidays during 2024: Monday 1st January, Friday 29th March, Monday 1st April, Monday 6th May, Monday 27th May, Friday 7th June, Friday 5th July, Monday 26th August, Christmas Day & Boxing Day, apologies for any inconvenience.

​During 2023/24 the site processed 3,119.285 tonnes of waste and recycled/reused 2,158.845 tonnes,

which gives a recycle rate of 69.24%. In turn this saved over £130,000.00 in waste charges. Well done to everyone who recycles.

Please see the Site User Leaflet & Layout plan to pre pack your vehicle.​​