3rd June 2021
We have been advised by the Department of Infrastructure that there is currently an operational issue at the Energy For Waste plant and that they are unable to accept waste from the Civic Amenity Sites.
We currently have limited capacity at the Western Civic Amenity Site and we would ask that you only visit the site if absolutely necessary, and only with car sized loads, no large loads will be accepted until further notice

April Waste -
It was a busy April after the third lockdown. 

The Site processed 379.889 tonnes of waste and recycled 263.689 tonnes which equates to 69.41%

Well done to everyone who recycles and reuses

Please see the Site User Leaflet & Layout plan to pre pack your vehicle.

12th March 2021

Joint statement from all 4 Amenity Sites

4th March 2021 - all Amenity Sites are closed - Please Stay at Home

The site has had similar opening hours since it opened.

The site only closes on certain Bank Holidays, mainly New Years Day, Senior Race Day, Tynwald Day, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.

Click this link to view what our Solar Panels are producing: 


Western Civic Amenity Site

The site goes to great lengths to increase recycling and re-use at the site, and in doing so, save the rate payers in our area money. Please sort your waste before coming to the site, if it can be recycled or reused, there will be a place for it at the site, but do not just throw it in the EfW skip.

Welcome to the  Western Civic Amenity Site Board website.

We hope that the information you will read on the site will be beneficial and encourage you to recycle more on our Island

​​Each month the site publishes, on a large sign near the site exit, the previous months Recycle & Reuse amounts as weight and a percentage of the total weight processed at the site.

From 1st October 2019, the prices for disposal of TV's will increase to £14, these charges are beyond our control and are set under a contract with the Isle of Man Government.

The site only charges for certain individual items, these are:

TV's, Monitors, Laptops, Fridges & Freezers and oil tanks.

​Most charges are set by a Government Contract and are the same at all the Island's Amenity Sites.