Monitor / Laptop


​​Extra Large Fridge/Freezer


Any size or type of oil tank

​Tank must be empty of fuel & water

To help with social distancing, we can now take pre-payment for items we charge for via Paypal

If you use this service, please bring a printed copy or a digital copy on a device of the payment with you when deposting your item(s), this will then be stamped/noted as paid/deposited.

Any commercial fridge or freezer

​any size, stainless or logo'd

Small Fridge/Freezer


Straight Ltd 3 Box Stack

Recycling Bin

​(To pre order only)

Any height above counter size, but no more than 60cm wide

​Commercial Fridge/Freezer


Any height, any width

but usually American style

side by side configuration

3 Box Stack

​Recycling Bin


3 box stack rear


Oil Tank





Monitor must not have an aerial point, if so it is classed as a TV



Any size television

Western Civic Amenity Site

Under counter size or smaller, no more than 60cm wide