Western Civic Amenity Site
Waste Totals for 2017 and comparison with previous years


15th March 2018
Press release – Western Civic Amenity Site Green Energy Initiative
The Western Civic Amenity Site Board are pleased to announce the completion of their Green Energy Initiative at the Site.
The initiative has been ongoing for almost a year and was finally completed on 9th March 2018.
The scheme consists of:
1.     Photo Voltaic Solar Panels - 4 kWh system
2.     Excess energy storage - 2 x 2.7 kWh battery system
3.     Solar Thermal - 20 tube Solar Thermal hot water system
4.     Reduction in usage - Changing all site lighting to low energy LED lamps
5.     Smarter usage - Installing Comfy Heat Electric Storage Heaters
6.     Energy Efficiency – installing extra insulation material in loft areas
Funding for the scheme has come directly from existing budgets, which the Board is pleased to announce will stay the same for the 6th year in a row in 2018, this is possible by recycling material deposited at the site more efficiently.
The board and staff at the WCAS are extremely grateful to the site users for their support and understanding for the need to more effectively manage our waste. They have helped us achieve a 70% recycling rate of all the material deposited at the site, which helps to offset the increases in Waste Charges at the EfW Facility at Richmond Hill.

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