TV Price increase to £14 from 1st October 2019

19th April 2021 -
The reuse bays will not be reopening until at least 28th April
Apologies for any inconvenience, but the site is still dealing with excess waste amounts and the site is still quite full.
We will also be controlling the amount of vehicles entering the site, this is to enable the public who still prefer some form of social distancing be in place.
Cardboard is now back at lower section with the other recycling, so you will need to fold all boxes and put them through the slots
Thank you for your cooperation

Please see the Site User Leaflet & Layout plan to pre pack your vehicle.

12th March 2021

Joint Statement from all 4 Amenity Sites

4th March 2021 - All Amenity Sites are closed - Please Stay at Home    

National Recycling Awards 2020 - Finalist

Unfortunately we did not win, but are extremely proud to have been a finalist and congratulations to all the finalists, runners up and the winners


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Waste Totals for 2018 and comparison with previous years
Western Civic Amenity Site