Western Civic Amenity Site



The Western Civic Amenity Site was first developed in 1996. The site was redeveloped in 2010 into what we have today.
The original Joint Committee was dissolved in 2013 and in July of that year the Western Civic Amenity Site Board was created.
The site is a community service, and as such we strive to help the community in any way we can
The biggest cost now and more so in future years will be waste disposal, with the cost of disposing of waste at the Energy from Waste Facility at Richmond Hill & the Landfill Site at the Point of Ayre being a hefty £79.50 per tonne for the last 4 years, with the future pricing yet to be confirmed by the Department of Infrastructure.
Together we can help reduce these costs by separating our waste to increase the recycling in our areas.

Compare the waste the site has processed in previous years